Aldeana Frazell

Aldeana Frazell

Friday, 09 November 2012 16:52


What is Soluv Magazine?

Soluv a new kind of digital publication that is here for the women that senses there is more to the world than the conventional thinking currently provided by today's media. Whether it is from high school into college, college into the work force, or working her way into a position of power, women from all races and social classes are seeking to leave their mark in Life.

What makes Soluv Unique?

We at Soluv are committed to supporting the truth that all women are beautiful. Our articles will take you deeper into the rewards, challenges, shadows, and light factors associated with being a strong and beautiful woman.

Contribute quality ideas and guidance for living a balanced and vital life. Each issue features mindfully chosen topics that address the enrichment of the mind, body, and soul. Our in-depth topic presentation provide at least 3 major sections:

  1. Topic related articles.
  2. Career spotlight interviews from women and men working in the field featured.
  3. Related online media providing resources & take-away suggestions to support you on your life journey

How are men a part of Soluv's editorial content?

Men Are Beautiful To Us is a key content element of Soluv Magazine. Knowing that men make up the other half of humanity’s beauty. Part of our in-depth topic coverage includes regularly featured articles and interviews from the male viewpoint. Ranging from how they navigate their side of relationships to what drives the male’s unique style of walking in this world, Soluv spotlights and celebrates how men see themselves and the women who love them.

Will there be advertisers in Soluv?

Part of our mission is to collaborate with companies that believe in responsible advertising and can fulfill the vision to uplift the spirit of women. We aim to join forces with companies that understand that one size does not fit all and promote our content goals uphold the fact that one size does not fit all. We honor the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle and the consideration that loving who you are is the key to a fulfilling life and look for advertisers that will uphold this objective.

Wednesday, 03 October 2012 05:42

Your Candidates Know You

Do you know your candidate

This past weekend I experienced three different visits from political campaign volunteers, each one questioned me about my voting intention in the upcoming election. The unnerving part about their friendly and inquisitive conversations is that they all knew my full name. Moving up the street from house to house they greeted each of my neighbors by their names and asked them to comment on their voting intentions.

Swing Into Action - The World Awaits Your Input

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Required: Your Insight • Your Guidance • Your Leadership

Swing into action Subscribe to Soluv MagazineTraining coworkers, assisting a troubled friend, or implementing steps to achieve personal goals are just a few examples of how women mange and guide others. However, the daily routine of life can cloud our judgment on what it means to be a leader and how unique gifts and talents gives us the right to claim it. The assertion that we are directors in this life is a crucial step.

In the past years, the collapse of existing financial, environmental, and spiritual structures have softened the culture’s resolve and revealed that there are better ways to lead. This softening is not a weakening, but an opportunity. There is now a widening space, new untried territory ripe for feminine leadership styles.

The freedom bestowed on American women is bountiful. We can now bid farewell to our 1970’s protective armor to announce our power and move fully into the present, by doing our part to balance the leadership relationship between man and women. The action of balancing masculine and feminine roles to move the world to a higher standard, requires the influence of highly self-aware and confident women.

With that in mind, this issue of Soluv Magazine looks at communication within the realm of managing life and others. The three main concepts addressed center around:

  1. The payback experienced when women fully realizing their role as influential beings.
  2. Resources centered on the enhancement of leading through motivation.
  3. Career spotlights on everyday women taking the lead in their careers.


The application of quality management proficiency is essential for our collective societal input as women. Our participation in this purpose enhances everyone, men, children, and women. Success lies in the variety of ways we choose to amplify our gifts and inspire others. Please enjoy this issue of Soluv Magazine and as always, I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

Sending My Best
Aldeana Frazell
Founder & Executive Editor
Soluv Magazine


Friday, 21 September 2012 02:00

Promoting Her Promotes Me

Promoting Her Promotes MeDetaching from the “I am negotiating for myself” scenario may be the only way women can garner their true worth in their careers. Bloomberg TV''s Women to Watch news show held an interview with four of the top women technical executives in Silicon Valley. Completely awed by their career achievements, it was encouraging to learn that though they work in an extensive male dominate field these executive women did not consider the tech industry to be an “old boys club”. However, when Willow Bay shot back with the question “In the technology field are women paid as much as men?” the positive outlook dimmed. All four women quietly admitted that women were not paid as much as men in their industry. Facebook Vice President Carolyn Everson went on to explain that any pay discrepancy she experienced was due to her unwillingness to negotiate for herself the way she would do for others

Most women feel what Ms. Everson so honestly portrayed. Protecting others is part of the feminine nature. Yet, when it is time to stand up for ourselves we tend to shirk our responsibility. Should women reckon with the fact that their lack of comparable pay and salary undercutting compared to men is mainly because they do not ask for what they are worth? With career books like “Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It” and "Push Back How Smart Women Stand Up -- For What They Want" on the best selling list, the consensus is women need support in this area. What doesn’t seemed to be addressed is that a woman’s bargaining power increases and in some cases bypasses a man’s when she is working on the behalf of a loved one. This increase in influence and confidence is part of the natural feminine instinct to care for others.

Whether getting them more playing time in the game or landing them the job at the corner ice cream shop, what mother has not on occasion wished she could step in and bargain the best outcome for their child’s life? Women are also renowned for becoming spontaneous articulate, go-getters when counseling distraught friends on what to do about an unfair job or relationship situation. Putting the Mama Bear protecting her cubs’ analogy in play for personal advancement and women detach from the habit of undercutting themselves.

How would women negotiate their situations if they conducted them as if they were for their daughters or best friends? Taking the outsider perspective opens up a list of empowering questions: What are the “must haves” to ensure the best options for the situation? What are the pros and cons when reviewing options like compromise versus moving on? The caring and assertive answers instinctively drawn for loved ones are the bargaining guidelines to use when setting up the parameters of personal and career well being? Women who take the time to acknowledge the instinctive slant of their nature will find that their need to protect others is also their primary negotiation tool.

The Bottom Line

Instead of going into a salary increase or career promotion discussion without a plan, take a step back and look at your circumstances from the view of a loving outsider. Remember your natural inclination to be caring is a life tool and as with all tools the effectiveness is in the way you use it.

Friday, 05 October 2012 13:00

Correction is meaningless

Given the opportunity to write a letter to my sixteen-year-old self comes perfectly timed, because I now know that my passage through this life comes with no blunders or errors of judgment. I've encountered failed and successful relationships, GPA's that always fell short of a 4.0, loving, yet sometimes irritating parents and siblings, great friends and on occasion true enemies, yet I see all of it as perfect. Because moments of varying degrees of intensity are a part of the beautiful complexity of my journey through life, I learned to stop perceiving certain life moments as mistakes. I would only be entertaining a meaningless desire if I acted on an opportunity to return to my 16-year-old self with the purpose of correcting or changing my past decisions.

Correction is meaningless is an article excerpt from The Legacy Letters: 30 Women Address the Next Generation Available for purchase at

For if I were allowed to sit on the shoulder of my 16-year-old self and re-guide her through my history to deal differently with past situations I felt were address incorrectly, together we would surely encounter a new set of situations and outcomes. Some of those new outcomes would most certainly qualify for the self-examined misstep column. I have found the situations I perceived as negative or positive were neither, they were merely situations designed to lead me to the lessons of life I needed to learn. It is not possible to remove actions described as "Opps I shouldn't have done that" from a life.

Dearest 16-year-old Self,

This letter is to let you know you did a great job of getting me where I am today. My message from the future is that you and all the sixteen-year old women are heroines, with unique journeys leading to unique accomplishments. As heroines, you come furnished with an arsenal of tools, instruments, and allies. The key is consciously realizing that you already have what you need so you can effectively use them for your highest potential. This letter will go over the three primary tools you already have for your self-empowerment through life.

One of your primary tools of empowerment comes in the form of intuition, also described as hunches, or just "I get this feeling that..." At the age of sixteen, freely test out your intuition. Make an intention to strengthen it to razor sharpness. Learn to listen to your hunches, to your feelings, and to your desires. You know a lot let your intuition uncover it. The ability to trust you own intuition is the way to believe in yourself. Proficiency in this area is the connection to healthy self worth and is how you become your own best friend. Nevertheless, you must always use your intuition with the compassionate tool of gentle self-forgiveness. Coupling intuition with tools of self-compassion is how you honor yourself and maintain a healthy self-worth. The second item you already possess is your voice; use your voice to communicate healthy boundaries for yourself. Speaking up keeps you in tune with your preservation and bonded with your self-respect. During your day-to-day encounters, people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable will present themselves. Although these types of situations are a part of every person's life, it is not okay for another person to intentionally or unintentionally put you in a position where you feel unsafe physically or emotionally. It is your right to stand up against it. The greatest repellant for these occurrences is to acknowledge and state that your personal boundaries are crossed. Follow up this verbal acknowledgment by firmly stating that you want the uncomfortable behavior or situation stopped. Depending on the intensity of the situation, your response can take on some version of the following: Simple Verbal Boundary Setting statements used for every day type moments.

  • I feel uncomfortable with (describe the uncomfortable situation), so I choose not to participate.
  • I feel uncomfortable when you (describe the person's uncomfortable behavior). If you do not stop this behavior, I will not stay around you. Complex Verbal Boundary Setting Communication used if someone has or means to do you physical or emotional harm.

 These types of situations require you to seek out other people for assistance for setting boundaries. Find a people or persons that can help you protect yourself. * Tell a parent, teacher, or a trusted adult. You can also call a teen help hotline if that is the safer option for you. * Should you find yourself in a situation where you cannot protect yourself, it is important that you do not suffer in silence. Whether simple or complex, developing consistent healthy boundary setting is a process of self-growth. The only way to effectively develop it is to put it into practice as situations requiring its use arise. Life comes with unexpected rewards and challenges. Know that everyone encounters feelings of fear in the form of uncertainty and inadequacy. Fear crops up as an opponent many times and in different disguises during your journey. If you sense that fear is filling your mind and taking over your confidence know that there is no error in retreat. Knowing when to retreat is a tool from your intelligence. Use moments of retreat as a time to seek God's spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance is your ally and is always with you rather you see it or not. Through prayer or meditation, stay in touch with your guidance and consult Him on a regular basis. The key is to utilizing this powerful ally is being open to hearing and accepting the answers given. Spiritual answers come in different and numerous ways. For example, you may hear guidance through your intuition or receive in the caring words of a parent. You answer may be in the book a friend recommends or presented in the presentation of an opportunity. Just be open, listen, hear, and accept the answer given. Your spiritual experiences include unanswered prayers containing fervent requests for specific relationships, jobs, and desired opportunities. Make the best effort you can to trust your guidance. I find that when I intentionally go against guidance and pursue what is deemed "Not for me" I encounter pain; on the other hand when I yield and accept the just work through the disappointment of an unanswered prayer I find that the God's alternative is always greater than I can imagine. If for some reason, you find that you did not listen to guidance, pull out your self-forgiveness and chalk it up to a lesson you needed to experience. Know that you always have God's spiritual guidance regardless of your choice to heed it in the immediate. Armed with intuition as a tool, your voice as an instrument and God as an ally, the supplies for your heroine journey is ready to continue. They are what you need to choose your blind turns with caution and celebrate your milestones with abandon joy. To all the 16-year-old heroines know you are made of great character and strength. There will be times when you will experience profound peace at the bottom of what can be described as one of your darker moments, have great discomfort, and fear at the top of one your more popular successes. Remember there are no mistakes; Learn from your journey and teach from your experience.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 19:44

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Soluv’s  message runs with one idea,

“Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment.“

Our goal is to go beyond the hypermedia message and know that focus on strength of character, strength of soul, and the joy of femininity is the true road to inner fulfillment and outer success.


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