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Aldeana Frazell: Creator of Soluv Magazine

ALdeana Frazell

Aldeana Frazell, Executive Editor of Soluv Magazine, learn how the desire to help others led her to create a passionate project to support and empower.

Poised with an impressive management resume, Aldeana Frazell’s work experience includes working as an Internet Project Manager for Reed Communications and McGraw Hill Publishing. She has a BBA in Business from Georgia State University and an Associated Degree in Graphic Design from the UCLA Extension program.

February 2005, Aldeana set out to find a position that would allow her to utilize both her business and creative skills in a way that was fulfilling to her while also making a positive difference in the world. This intention led her to accept an Art Director position at an international community organization called Agape. This position exposed her to new ideas on truly honoring one self and others. While working at Agape, she was in arms distance to revered women leaders such as Iyanla Vanzant, Marianne Williamson, and Debbie Ford. It was seeing these women leaving an empowering mark in the world that motivated her to continue to search for a purposeful path for her life.

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What is Soluv Magazine?

Soluv a new kind of digital publication that is here for the women that senses there is more to the world than the conventional thinking currently provided by today's media. Whether it is from high school into college, college into the work force, or working her way into a position of power, women from all races and social classes are seeking to leave their mark in Life.

What makes Soluv Unique?

We at Soluv are committed to supporting the truth that all women are beautiful. Our articles will take you deeper into the rewards, challenges, shadows, and light factors associated with being a strong and beautiful woman.

Contribute quality ideas and guidance for living a balanced and vital life. Each issue features mindfully chosen topics that address the enrichment of the mind, body, and soul. Our in-depth topic presentation provide at least 3 major sections:

  1. Topic related articles.
  2. Career spotlight interviews from women and men working in the field featured.
  3. Related online media providing resources & take-away suggestions to support you on your life journey

How are men a part of Soluv's editorial content?

Men Are Beautiful To Us is a key content element of Soluv Magazine. Knowing that men make up the other half of humanity’s beauty. Part of our in-depth topic coverage includes regularly featured articles and interviews from the male viewpoint. Ranging from how they navigate their side of relationships to what drives the male’s unique style of walking in this world, Soluv spotlights and celebrates how men see themselves and the women who love them.

Will there be advertisers in Soluv?

Part of our mission is to collaborate with companies that believe in responsible advertising and can fulfill the vision to uplift the spirit of women. We aim to join forces with companies that understand that one size does not fit all and promote our content goals uphold the fact that one size does not fit all. We honor the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle and the consideration that loving who you are is the key to a fulfilling life and look for advertisers that will uphold this objective.

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