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Your Candidates Know You

Do you know your candidate

This past weekend I experienced three different visits from political campaign volunteers, each one questioned me about my voting intention in the upcoming election. The unnerving part about their friendly and inquisitive conversations is that they all knew my full name. Moving up the street from house to house they greeted each of my neighbors by their names and asked them to comment on their voting intentions.

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Swing Into Action - The World Awaits Your Input

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Required: Your Insight • Your Guidance • Your Leadership

Swing into action Subscribe to Soluv MagazineTraining coworkers, assisting a troubled friend, or implementing steps to achieve personal goals are just a few examples of how women mange and guide others. However, the daily routine of life can cloud our judgment on what it means to be a leader and how unique gifts and talents gives us the right to claim it. The assertion that we are directors in this life is a crucial step.

In the past years, the collapse of existing financial, environmental, and spiritual structures have softened the culture’s resolve and revealed that there are better ways to lead. This softening is not a weakening, but an opportunity. There is now a widening space, new untried territory ripe for feminine leadership styles.

The freedom bestowed on American women is bountiful. We can now bid farewell to our 1970’s protective armor to announce our power and move fully into the present, by doing our part to balance the leadership relationship between man and women. The action of balancing masculine and feminine roles to move the world to a higher standard, requires the influence of highly self-aware and confident women.

With that in mind, this issue of Soluv Magazine looks at communication within the realm of managing life and others. The three main concepts addressed center around:

  1. The payback experienced when women fully realizing their role as influential beings.
  2. Resources centered on the enhancement of leading through motivation.
  3. Career spotlights on everyday women taking the lead in their careers.


The application of quality management proficiency is essential for our collective societal input as women. Our participation in this purpose enhances everyone, men, children, and women. Success lies in the variety of ways we choose to amplify our gifts and inspire others. Please enjoy this issue of Soluv Magazine and as always, I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

Sending My Best
Aldeana Frazell
Founder & Executive Editor
Soluv Magazine


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