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Eleonore Koury

Eleonore Koury Soluv Magazine Staff WriterEleonore Koury
Soluv Magazine Writer
Love Your Soul Division

Eleonore Koury has been a student of various spiritual, healing, and meditation traditions since 1990. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, is a Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Spiritual/Life Guide, Meditation Coach and Visionary. Read More on Eleonore Koury

Eleonore's Latest Soluv Magazine Articles

Volume 1 - On Sale Now
Article: Embrace Your Feminine Energy

To be feminine is to be abundant, sensual, creative, deep, nurturing (to self then others). In this article three areas of self nurturing are explored: Self-Embrace, Self-Discovery, Self-Love. As women, it is our birthright to enjoy our feminine energy and to feel safe in our bodies and in our world – Find the excellence within.

Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Women In the Aquarian Age

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