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Donald Frazell

Donald Frazell Soluv Magazine WriterDonald Frazell
Soluv Magazine Writer
The Man's View Division

Donald Frazell is a fine artist, writer, and mentor. He is a self taught historian, with a degree in Photography, as well as being an advocate for the promotion "Art and Purpose". Read More on Donald Frazell

Donald's Latest Soluv Magazine Articles

Volume 1 - On Sale Now
Article: A Man's View: The Beauty of Women

Visual attraction is the first thing that grabs a man's interest and drives him to approach a women. However "The Beauty of Women" takes it deeper to address the forces that keep a healthy man stimulated and committed to his intimate relationship.

Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Dating: The Dance of the Butterfly and the Peacock

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