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Arlene Hylton-Campbell, Guest Writer

Arlene Hylton-Campbell has over 20 years of work experience in the beauty industry, is a Reverend and Spiritual Teacher who delights in assisting Youth and Adults alike in remembering their Spiritual Potential and Capacity. Through her Workshops, Lectures, and One-on-Onecouncil, she

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Dr. Lois Frankel, Guest Writer

Dr. Lois Frankel, President of Corporate Coaching International, a Pasadena, California consulting firm, literally wrote the book on coaching people to succeed in businesses large and small around the globe. Her books Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office and Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich are international bestsellers translated into over twenty-five languages worldwide.

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Michael Peñafiel, Guest Writer

Michael Peñafiel works as a Family & Child Therapist and as a self-defense instructor. With a Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling and over 10 years of self-defense training experience, Michael Peñafiel’s dual career gives him insight into the male and female human dynamic experienced during fighting.

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Monisha Lewis

Monisha Lewis
Soluv Magazine Social Media Administrator

Monisha Lewis comes with a background in Mental and Public Health Administration. As a young women in the age of technology her skill set includes utilizing social media to inform and enlighten the public on the newsworthy items associated with the human condition. She also teaches high school chemistry and is in the process of obtaining her medical degree.

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Donald Frazell

Donald Frazell Soluv Magazine WriterDonald Frazell
Soluv Magazine Writer
The Man's View Division

Donald Frazell is a fine artist, writer, and mentor. He is a self taught historian, with a degree in Photography, as well as being an advocate for the promotion "Art and Purpose". Read More on Donald Frazell

Donald's Latest Soluv Magazine Articles

Volume 1 - On Sale Now
Article: A Man's View: The Beauty of Women

Visual attraction is the first thing that grabs a man's interest and drives him to approach a women. However "The Beauty of Women" takes it deeper to address the forces that keep a healthy man stimulated and committed to his intimate relationship.

Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Dating: The Dance of the Butterfly and the Peacock

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Eleonore Koury

Eleonore Koury Soluv Magazine Staff WriterEleonore Koury
Soluv Magazine Writer
Love Your Soul Division

Eleonore Koury has been a student of various spiritual, healing, and meditation traditions since 1990. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, is a Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Spiritual/Life Guide, Meditation Coach and Visionary. Read More on Eleonore Koury

Eleonore's Latest Soluv Magazine Articles

Volume 1 - On Sale Now
Article: Embrace Your Feminine Energy

To be feminine is to be abundant, sensual, creative, deep, nurturing (to self then others). In this article three areas of self nurturing are explored: Self-Embrace, Self-Discovery, Self-Love. As women, it is our birthright to enjoy our feminine energy and to feel safe in our bodies and in our world – Find the excellence within.

Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Women In the Aquarian Age

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Catherine Hammons

Catherine HammonsCatherine Hammons
Soluv Magazine Writer
Sexuality & Relationship Division

Catherine Hammons is an actor and writer in Los Angeles, CA. She is a teacher of spiritual practices to children and adults and mentor to young ladies ages 10 to 13.

Catherine's Latest Article
Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Title TBD

Women have begun to look at their sexuality as a ‘performance’ rather than shared intimacy and, as a result, we look to porn stars and strippers as the highest examples of feminine sexual power. A direct by-product of what amounts to country-wide low-self esteem. This article on sexuality explores the ‘all-or-nothing world’ taken on by women. A woman who chooses modesty is considered a prude and a woman who is sexy without showing it all is a tease in the worst sense of the word.

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What is Soluv Magazine?

Soluv a new kind of digital publication that is here for the women that senses there is more to the world than the conventional thinking currently provided by today's media. Whether it is from high school into college, college into the work force, or working her way into a position of power, women from all races and social classes are seeking to leave their mark in Life.

What makes Soluv Unique?

We at Soluv are committed to supporting the truth that all women are beautiful. Our articles will take you deeper into the rewards, challenges, shadows, and light factors associated with being a strong and beautiful woman.

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Men Are Beautiful To Us is a key content element of Soluv Magazine. Knowing that men make up the other half of humanity’s beauty. Part of our in-depth topic coverage includes regularly featured articles and interviews from the male viewpoint. Ranging from how they navigate their side of relationships to what drives the male’s unique style of walking in this world, Soluv spotlights and celebrates how men see themselves and the women who love them.

Will there be advertisers in Soluv?

Part of our mission is to collaborate with companies that believe in responsible advertising and can fulfill the vision to uplift the spirit of women. We aim to join forces with companies that understand that one size does not fit all and promote our content goals uphold the fact that one size does not fit all. We honor the pursuit of a healthy balanced lifestyle and the consideration that loving who you are is the key to a fulfilling life and look for advertisers that will uphold this objective.

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