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Donald Frazell

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Donald Frazell Soluv Magazine WriterDonald Frazell
Soluv Magazine Writer
The Man's View Division

Donald Frazell is a fine artist, writer, and mentor. He is a self taught historian, with a degree in Photography, as well as being an advocate for the promotion "Art and Purpose". Read More on Donald Frazell

Donald's Latest Soluv Magazine Articles

Volume 1 - On Sale Now
Article: A Man's View: The Beauty of Women

Visual attraction is the first thing that grabs a man's interest and drives him to approach a women. However "The Beauty of Women" takes it deeper to address the forces that keep a healthy man stimulated and committed to his intimate relationship.

Volume 2 - On Sale Late April 2012
Article: Dating: The Dance of the Butterfly and the Peacock

Why do we date? Does it have a purpose? Are there stages? Do we grow together, or apart? As with all human endeavors, there are stages to the mating ritual: Mind, body, and soul. "The Dance of the Butterfly" examines the process we all go through as we mature and discover both ourselves, and who we intend to spend the rest of our lives with, as one.


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